Happy Halloween with Jack the Ripper

I wish you all Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Here you can see Jack the Ripper working..... a professional scary bloody mess!

This photo shooting was taken last year during Halloween-time in Copenhagen.
The amazing idea for the Jack the Ripper shooting came by Hannah and Nils. They are deeply into that
beautiful steam punk thing with all the wonderful extraordinary costumes.

I loved that a lot!!!!!!

(If I remember right the couple won after the photo session the first price for the best costume
in Hard-Rock-Cafe)

Thank you again
                            Nils - for being the coolest Jack the Ripper
                            Hannah - for being a wonderful victim ( the blood fits you very well)
                            Mel - for doing the great make up especially the wonderful wound
Tattoo on Hannah´s leg by Kai Uwe Faust

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  1. I love the art of if it and I love the history of jack the ripper. so bloody cool.